My new book

very excited about this one as it is close to my heart. God has been working on my healing for quite a while and now im finally seeing the light

thank you Lord for your wonderful inspiration love and grace all my life amen

All the glory goes to God

Fresh new start

Well the pandemic is finally easing and I am rejoicing at all the wonderful things God has taught me through it

So many fears have been dealt with and so many lessons learned. One of the most beautiful things when God reminded me of the ugly duckling story. He said ” you are no longer to see yourself as an ugly duckling but My BEAUTIFUL SWAN

praise God He is healing all my broken past, even though I knew He was in it with me, its now dead and buried because I am a new creation in Christ.

With this blog I will be sharing the lessons and poetry and scriptures that I have learnt in the last two years

Be blessed my friends and looking forward to sharing with you please feel free to comment and encourage others

Do you not know

Can you not hear the horses drawing near?
Can you not hear the trumpet's call?
My little children, my precious bride 
Do you not know? 
You are loved by the king of all Kings.

Do you not know? 
That I died in your place.

Do you not know? 
That I live in you.
Do you not see the beauty around?
Do you not see the joy I bring?

Do you not see the people who care?
Do you not see my life laid down?
Can you not hear the words I say?
Can you not hear the spirit calling?

My chosen race my precious ones.

Get ready now. 
For I am coming soon.

Come to my mountain

Come to my mountain 
And take what you need 
Mercy and grace
Forgiveness and joy

Go to the valleys
Where death lays in wait
Where my child struggles
With pain and deceit

Where the lies of the devil
Seek to destroy
All I have given
To my beloved child

Speak to the dry bones
And bring down my life
Bring down my hope
My healing, my truth

So go now my dear child
In faith and new trust
Obedient in my truth
A servant faithful behold

getting up early is hard sometimes but i am always so blessed as i get time to read the word of God and pray without all the distractions of the day

I will awake before dawn

I will arise before the dawn 
in the night watches of God
come into Gods presence
and worship at His feet

God wakes me up 
and speaks to me 
even while sleep 
is in my eyes 

I will arise and great the dawn 
Surrender this day to God 
Praise Him and worship Him 
For all the things He has done

I will lift up my voice 
to my Saviour in prayer 
while the world sleep sound 
My spirit soars and waits for Him 

Arise my spirit in unity
let your people be as one 
Guide my precious Holy Spirit
through this waking day

We all face darkness at some point in our lives, some more than others but in the midst of the darkness God has promised to shine His light through Jesus.

Isaiah 9:2
The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death, a light has dawned.

Isaiah 60:1
Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.

Luke 1:79
to shine on those who live in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the path of peace.”

Jesus came to give His people hope and peace

So trust Him in the darkest night the righteous go through many trials but the Lord delivers them out of them al

Symphony of Tears

A friend lays down 
in a symphony of tears 
like the darkened sky above 
The rainstorm has begun

Jesus takes our tears 
like the master conductor man
He knows your every tear
praise GOD He makes sense of them all

Just like in an orchestra
the many instruments join 
To make an awesome symphony
So too our lives with Christ

There are tears of joy and laughter. 
tears of anger, tears of relief, 
tears of compassion, tears of grace
the symphony of tears will ever flow

What can I do, what can I say? 
to make you carry on my friend 
the master conductor sees them all
And is creating His final, masterpiece

God uses each tear
to make His song
So, let's trust Him now 
and let the tears freely flow

Don't be afraid 
to let them go
They are precious to Him 
Each one is a lesson we have learned

Behold The New Jerusalem

Behold the New Jerusalem. 
For the time is drawing near.
It's time to unite My body.
It's time to unite in prayer.

The dry bones are responding. 
To the spirits mighty voice.
The healing of the nations. 
Is but a whisper away. 

I'm coming with a mighty sword.
My truth and justice bring. 
Among my holy nation. 
My soldiers stand prepared.

Unite my children unite as one. 
Cease with lies and strife. 
Set your eyes upon the cross. 
Set your eyes on my love. 

For there is no other way.
To bring my kingdom in. 
Send my light throughout this world. 
And let my glory shine.

Kneel before the throne

I kneel before the throne of grace.
Worship and praise you mighty king.
Glorify and honor your holy name.
Bow down and worship the prince of peace.

Your throne is eternal, you reign on high.
Your mighty right hand will be our guide.
My heart is in awe of your mighty power.
And heaven is filled with your glorious light.

Mighty councilor and risen Lord.
Sword of the spirit truth and light.
You fill my heart to overflow.
With your mercy, grace and love.

All power is in you, my Lord and king.
You hold the keys to life and death.
You Rule this earth with a mighty hand.
Yet you know our feeble frame and mind.

Lord I am filled with mighty awe.
As I stand before the throne of grace.
I worship with angels, singing your praise.
My spirit is free and praise flows eternally.

Awesome Testimony

My dad has been suffering with back and tummy pains for the last 6 months and has had numerous scans and tests, finally he has just had his results back and there is no cancer so no bag needed and he has a big hernia which they have rushed through an operation key hole surgery with one night stay for pain relief and observation

My friend samual who is a seer was praying for him and his eyes were open. He saw several arrows in his body. Then he saw an angel standing by him and taking the arrow out of his back

such an awesome answer to prayer we give God the total glory and honor all creations shouts out with His praises

Can you not hear?

Can you not hear the horses drawing near?
Can you not hear the trumpet’s call?

My little children, my precious bride Do you not know? 
You are loved by the king of all Kings.

Do you not know? 
That I died in your place.

Do you not know? 
That I live in you.

Do you not see the beauty around?
Do you not see the joy I bring?

Do you not see the people who care?
Do you not see my life laid down?

Can you not hear the words I say?.
Can you not hear the spirit calling.

My chosen race my precious ones.

Get ready now. 
For I am coming soon.

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