All nature responds

 as He calls them by name

the mountains shake

the earth it trembles

the flower blooms

 with abundant care

 and they speak

 of His awesome love

 He has made the flowers bloom

 He is Lord and King of our lives

 he will make us flourish and bloom

fill us with his beauty deep within

The outer man may grow old and weary

 but the inner man grows stronger and changes

 flesh from glory to glory so we can show

 through our lives are actions and are deeds

 just how much God loves us

 and wants us to be free to worship him

in spirit and in truth

 to speak into the lives

 of the broken hearted

and feel them with

 His love and peace

and they to can see the beauty

 with in them self to know

 they are beautiful loved

 and accepted.

 To feel the touch

of His loving hand

to feel His healing

making them whole

filling them with love

 and grace and hope and peace

I am the fire

I am the fire within your soul

Burning your sin and shame

Bringing you new life 

I am the fire in your eyes 

Burning off, scales of lies

Bringing you spiritual sight 

I am the fire in your heart 

Burning resentment and fear

Bringing justice and hope 

I am the fire in your mind 

Burning bad thoughts away

Bringing new attitudes 

Call my fire down 

And my shekinah glory 

Will fall once more 

Upon my people here, 

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