Do not run away

Beautiful swan encouragement

Gods New Swan

This is a beutiful picture the Lord gave me several days ago

He is in the remaking and remoulding plan with me at the moment

i used to see myself as an ugly duckling unlovable deep in shame and guilt but now I am set free from these things and have been given new life and new ppurpose in Christ

I praise God f His love and mercy and grace

you too my friend are a beautiful swan just take it into your spirit and let it change your life

God bless you

Beautiful swan

Gods new swan

This picture and the verse has been such a blessing to me I used to think I was an ugly duckling. then one day Holy Spirit placed the Hans christen Anderson story into my mind and whispered “you are a beautiful swan now not an ugly duckling”

That very day a Facebook friend said she had a picture of a beautiful swan gliding gracefully on a beautiful still lake

Then those beautiful picture and words came together as I was preparing for a craft fair

I am truly in awe of Gods love for me His patience and His grace

If you felt like you were an ugly duckling I break the hold of every negative thought, word or deed that you have ever come in contact with in the name of Jesus Amen

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