Letters to the Trinity

new book in the making preview

Oh precious Holy Spirit I surrender and submit to you
for you fill me with power and strength. You fill me with living water and the never ending love of God
It was you oh Precious one who has been there throughout the bible, filling your people with awesome gifts that bring in the mighty
Kingdom of God You remind me of Samson, filled with Supernatural strength to bring down the place where He was being held captive even though he had disobeyed you. you heard his cry to bring down the walls of His enemies
You gave Elijah supernatural vision to see the chariots of fire when the army
was camped around them
You gave Isaiah Prophesy to call the nations to repent and warn them of what was going to take place because of their rebellion and sin
Joseph Interpreted pharaohs dreams and had the dreams that He had given come true.
You gave the people building the temple the vision to create the plans to the exact fulfillment, experts on their field but filled with much insight from you
Then when Jesus came with His disciples. You filled them with your power prophecy. healing, Authority over the demons preaching the word of God with Such wisdom and insight and they returned full of So much Joy.
Then finally at the day of Pentecost when you fell on Jesus’s precious baby church
and gave them different tongues so all the people heard them preach in so many languages
And now oh precious Holy Spirit
I pray, that you would fill me, to the top and overflowing with the gifts that I need
to further your Kingdom
come now Holy Spirit I surrender and submit to you once again.

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