Behold The New Jerusalem

Behold the New Jerusalem. 
For the time is drawing near.
It's time to unite My body.
It's time to unite in prayer.

The dry bones are responding. 
To the spirits mighty voice.
The healing of the nations. 
Is but a whisper away. 

I'm coming with a mighty sword.
My truth and justice bring. 
Among my holy nation. 
My soldiers stand prepared.

Unite my children unite as one. 
Cease with lies and strife. 
Set your eyes upon the cross. 
Set your eyes on my love. 

For there is no other way.
To bring my kingdom in. 
Send my light throughout this world. 
And let my glory shine.

Kneel before the throne

I kneel before the throne of grace.
Worship and praise you mighty king.
Glorify and honor your holy name.
Bow down and worship the prince of peace.

Your throne is eternal, you reign on high.
Your mighty right hand will be our guide.
My heart is in awe of your mighty power.
And heaven is filled with your glorious light.

Mighty councilor and risen Lord.
Sword of the spirit truth and light.
You fill my heart to overflow.
With your mercy, grace and love.

All power is in you, my Lord and king.
You hold the keys to life and death.
You Rule this earth with a mighty hand.
Yet you know our feeble frame and mind.

Lord I am filled with mighty awe.
As I stand before the throne of grace.
I worship with angels, singing your praise.
My spirit is free and praise flows eternally.

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