Symphony of Tears

A friend lays down 
in a symphony of tears 
like the darkened sky above 
The rainstorm has begun

Jesus takes our tears 
like the master conductor man
He knows your every tear
praise GOD He makes sense of them all

Just like in an orchestra
the many instruments join 
To make an awesome symphony
So too our lives with Christ

There are tears of joy and laughter. 
tears of anger, tears of relief, 
tears of compassion, tears of grace
the symphony of tears will ever flow

What can I do, what can I say? 
to make you carry on my friend 
the master conductor sees them all
And is creating His final, masterpiece

God uses each tear
to make His song
So, let's trust Him now 
and let the tears freely flow

Don't be afraid 
to let them go
They are precious to Him 
Each one is a lesson we have learned

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