Exciting new book

a wonderful book of poetry by a friends mum now in the arms of Jesus come and take a look you will be blessed here is a poem to start you off


My dearest Lord, you whisper “Come,   

   Thou burdened one and sore,

And I will give you needed rest.

And comfort, more and more.”

But, O dear Lord, I am so weak,

So tired, so forlorn.

The brightest day seems like the night 

So helpless I , and worn ….

O give me grace to follow Thee

Through sorrow, grief, and tears,

Stretch forth Thine hand and by Thy grace.

Subdue my lurking fears.

For only Thou and Thou alone

Canst give me joy for pain:

And lift my drooping spirit up.

And make me whole again.


Look not upon a cloudless brow,

As knowing not despair,

Nor on a pleasant countenance,

As free from grief or care:

But see a heart,

With courage staid,

That gazes past its sorrow,

And seeks through.

Night’s dark cavalcade,

To find a brighter morrow.

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