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this is new you tube channel where I will be sharing a friend mums’ poems

they are very special i feel very honored to be part of her legacy

Kathy is now in the arms of her Saviour but her wonderful poems still live on in the hearts of people who knew and loved her and who treasured her poems

there is also a new book available on amazon

thank you for your kind support and finely there is a WordPress account with even more wonderful poems on


Arise my child

Arise my child. 
Awaken my bride! 
It’s time to stand. 
And share my good news. 

Rest my child. 
Rest my precious bride. 
Go in and shut the door. 
It’s time to rest. 

It’s time to draw near my child. 
In surrender and in love 
To learn of my ways 
To feel my endless love

God is calling for His children to arise, the hour is late and the world is getting darker, it is time to focus on God stronger and spread the good news further abroad

Come to my mountain

Come to my mountain 
And take what you need 
Mercy and grace
Forgiveness and joy

Go to the valleys
Where death lays in wait
Where my child struggles
With pain and deceit

Where the lies of the devil
Seek to destroy
All I have given
To my beloved child

Speak to the dry bones
And bring down my life
Bring down my hope
My healing, my truth

So go now my dear child
In faith and new trust
Obedient in my truth
A servant faithful behold

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I will strengthen you. 
I will heal you. 
Give me your thoughts,
Give me your fears.
I will set you free at last
from all that holds you back.

Trust in me with all your heart.
And you will be able to see.
How to stand upon my word.
How to stand upon my truth.

Stand in the mighty power of God. 
Stand in love and grace.
For you indeed are my precious child.
And you have no need to fear.

Set my word before you each day. 
Follow always in my way.
Do what I say and say each word.
And you will have the Victory. 


God’s peace is like a deep dark cave
In the forest of wild animals
Protecting us from the roaming things
Protecting us from the storms

God’s peace is like a hiding place
Full of comfort and hope
Giving us the strength to carry on
When the road ahead gets tough

God’s peace is like a sleeping child
At rest with the world outside
Snuggled softly to the mother's breast
In simple and abounding trust

God’s peace is like a harbor
Giving shelter to a boat
The sailor is wise and comes inside
When the winds and storms do blow

So, seek Gods peace within your heart
When the times are bleak and cold
Trust in his unfailing love
And he will see you through

I have planted a seed

I have planted a seed

Deep into your mind

That will go from strength to strength

And produce the harvest I have planned

I have planted a seed

Deep inside your soul

That will grow from strength to strength

And produce the harvest I have planned

I have planted a seed

Deep inside your spirit

That will grow from strength to strength

And produce the harvest I have planned

Pure seed of hope, pure seed of Joy

Pure seed of love, pure seed of peace

Untouched by human hands

Sown by my hand alone

The rains are beginning to fall

And the harvest beginning to grow

Throughout the land the spirit stirs

Breathing new life into the precious seed

Bearing fruit for all to see

Calling all the nations, repent

The spirit is breathing deep inside

Bringing new life and hope

Mercy and grace are flowing down

From within the throne of grace

Bringing forgiveness to a dying world

And setting all the captives free

Sitting in the garden

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compassionate savour

I sat alone in a dark room

With the world upon my shoulders

My heart cried out, to the living God

How can you do what you do

How can you let innocent children die

Or make sad people take their own lives

How can you justify a world of war

Hatred and sin, tell me God how

How can you tell me you love me true

How can you tell me I can live with you

But it says in the bible so it must be true

So now I will pray and confess my sins

Father forgive me,

father forgive my pride

Father forgive my lies

father forgive my hate

Then a fire burned, inside my aching soul

From the top of my head to the tips of my toes

It burnt my sin away, and made me clean again

Then came the warmth that only peace can bring

Then the room filled with light, from the risen Christ

Standing right before me  with arms outstretched wide

Then I saw the nail prints in his hands and feet

Anger turned to tears, as I remember His sacrifice

The pain He endured on that lonely cross

Separated from the father  rejected beaten and scorned

Then he spoke with a gentle voice

I love you my child that’s why I died for you

I came to save the sinners, the liars and the cheats

The murderers and abusers I came to set them free

“but why save them, they have to pay

For the crimes they have committed, the lives they they have took

Then Jesus wept before my eyes and my hardened heart broke

And I realized I was wrong “ forgive me lord now I understand

We are all your precious children  no matter what we do

Finally you see my child  I died for one and all

My heart breaks to see them, in anguish and in pain

Living with the past, the shame of what they did

But I gave them free will and it can’t be forced

The father of lies  have blinded their eyes

They can’t see my grace they can’t see my love

They can’t see my body battered and bruised

But when my children pray for them

My spirit can come and soften their hearts

 Release them from their chains, so they can feel my love

They can feel my grace and hope and peace

They can begin to hope again, no matter what’s in store

I can heal and cleanse them, from all that holds them bound

When they come to me and lay their lives down at the cross

Then I will come and live in them and then at last they will be free

So pray for my children everywhere  no matter what they have done

I know their past I know their sin and I will set them free

God loved the world so much, that he sent his only son, to set his children free

. So if you are a sinner and you want to be set free. Then come to the Saviour and let him set you free

Or if you already know Jesus then pray for the sinners all, he loves each one of us its true

And He will lead us home

Exciting new book

a wonderful book of poetry by a friends mum now in the arms of Jesus come and take a look you will be blessed here is a poem to start you off


My dearest Lord, you whisper “Come,   

   Thou burdened one and sore,

And I will give you needed rest.

And comfort, more and more.”

But, O dear Lord, I am so weak,

So tired, so forlorn.

The brightest day seems like the night 

So helpless I , and worn ….

O give me grace to follow Thee

Through sorrow, grief, and tears,

Stretch forth Thine hand and by Thy grace.

Subdue my lurking fears.

For only Thou and Thou alone

Canst give me joy for pain:

And lift my drooping spirit up.

And make me whole again.


Look not upon a cloudless brow,

As knowing not despair,

Nor on a pleasant countenance,

As free from grief or care:

But see a heart,

With courage staid,

That gazes past its sorrow,

And seeks through.

Night’s dark cavalcade,

To find a brighter morrow.

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