Arise my child

Arise my child. 
Awaken my bride! 
It’s time to stand. 
And share my good news. 

Rest my child. 
Rest my precious bride. 
Go in and shut the door. 
It’s time to rest. 

It’s time to draw near my child. 
In surrender and in love 
To learn of my ways 
To feel my endless love

God is calling for His children to arise, the hour is late and the world is getting darker, it is time to focus on God stronger and spread the good news further abroad

Come to my mountain

Come to my mountain 
And take what you need 
Mercy and grace
Forgiveness and joy

Go to the valleys
Where death lays in wait
Where my child struggles
With pain and deceit

Where the lies of the devil
Seek to destroy
All I have given
To my beloved child

Speak to the dry bones
And bring down my life
Bring down my hope
My healing, my truth

So go now my dear child
In faith and new trust
Obedient in my truth
A servant faithful behold

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Can you not hear?

Can you not hear the horses drawing near?
Can you not hear the trumpet’s call?

My little children, my precious bride Do you not know? 
You are loved by the king of all Kings.

Do you not know? 
That I died in your place.

Do you not know? 
That I live in you.

Do you not see the beauty around?
Do you not see the joy I bring?

Do you not see the people who care?
Do you not see my life laid down?

Can you not hear the words I say?.
Can you not hear the spirit calling.

My chosen race my precious ones.

Get ready now. 
For I am coming soon.

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