Behold The New Jerusalem

Behold the New Jerusalem. 
For the time is drawing near.
It's time to unite My body.
It's time to unite in prayer.

The dry bones are responding. 
To the spirits mighty voice.
The healing of the nations. 
Is but a whisper away. 

I'm coming with a mighty sword.
My truth and justice bring. 
Among my holy nation. 
My soldiers stand prepared.

Unite my children unite as one. 
Cease with lies and strife. 
Set your eyes upon the cross. 
Set your eyes on my love. 

For there is no other way.
To bring my kingdom in. 
Send my light throughout this world. 
And let my glory shine.

Easter Rejoicing

Walking down the road with Jesus

Hand in hand and oh so close

Whispering words of mercy,

And love and grace and peace

Telling me He loves me Over and over and over again, Total trust, no need to fear Peace beyond measure Pure and true Down beautiful lanes By still still waters We walk side by side My beloved and I, Sun on our backs Gentle breezes upon our face

But then a dark cloud comes before Him And my Jesus becomes quiet and sad “My child, I must go now and die upon a cross to destroy the works of the evil one and set the captives free” “No, my Lord, that cannot be true That wasn’t the plan we disciple had planned”

He is coming, our friend Who we trusted and prayed with, who saw blind eyes open and deaf ears hear” Judas bought the massed armed guards And I could never erase the shame I felt As I ran for my life, not prepared to die,

I heard the terrible whispers from within my dark mournful house My Jesus, whom I loved Now crucified and left alone to die Two whole days I did not eat Just wept and wept for all I was worth Afraid and alone, deserter of my Lord Afraid to testify to His outstanding love and works

When all at once on Sunday morn the widows rattled, the house shook A mighty wind blew, and an awesome peace came in One that surpasses all knowledge Thoughts and every fear beyond and there beside me once again Jesus came to stand, I hid my face beneath the sheets and begged Him to leave me Such a sin filled man

But Jesus drew ever nearer and lifted the sheet from upon my face “My child, you do not need to hide Your sins are no more have paid the price No longer has death got the And I made anew your life There is no need to fear

From the great white throne Through me they clothe you In righteousness joy and peace My Father has made you His precious son

Then oh such joy filled my heart and rivers of pure love flowed over me “Now I must go to see my friends And bring them peace as well Go my friend and pray with brothers and sisters together as one and wait for my appointed anointed one to give you power and awesome gifts

The Holy Spirit fell in that upper room A Day I will never forget Awesome power and boldness of speech with the languages of ten thousand gathered there and now I am no longer afraid to die or testify about my king Forever I am changed by the transforming blood of Christ



Wild horses run with me

wild horses running free

wild horses running free

wild horses roaming

through fields ever green

wild horses strong and bold

come and take me away

run over mountains

run over fields

run wild and free

wild horses run with me

wild horses run

through the river of strength

cover me with the spray

and refresh my body again

My new book

very excited about this one as it is close to my heart. God has been working on my healing for quite a while and now im finally seeing the light

thank you Lord for your wonderful inspiration love and grace all my life amen

All the glory goes to God

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