Light up your soul

encouragement and strength for the journey ahead


light up your soul

prayer, promises, praise and parables is a collection of poems in sections to encourage you or challenge you to uplift you or teach you. I pray that the Holy Spirit would speak into your heart and blesses you as you read these words



Journey into hope

this is a book ideal for a new Christian as it takes you on a journey from while you are being invited by God to explore his love, accepting and going further it can also bless other Christians who need encouragement to keep going or someone just looking for a blessing from God



Walking at Jesus right hand

a journey into a new life for a couple to meet new friends, conquer fears and receive miracles learning faith through everyday situations



I am your peace

This book consists of poetry. thoughts and bible passages to encourage and lift people while they are in a storm or just anytime, they need an extra touch from the Lord



Affirmations of Salvation and faith

It says in Proverbs 18 ” There is power in the tounge of life and death this book gives you some affirmations about salvation and faith so you can read them either daily or when ever you need some encouragement


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