I will strengthen you. 
I will heal you. 
Give me your thoughts,
Give me your fears.
I will set you free at last
from all that holds you back.

Trust in me with all your heart.
And you will be able to see.
How to stand upon my word.
How to stand upon my truth.

Stand in the mighty power of God. 
Stand in love and grace.
For you indeed are my precious child.
And you have no need to fear.

Set my word before you each day. 
Follow always in my way.
Do what I say and say each word.
And you will have the Victory. 

Your love is higher

Oh the depths of God’s love

Do you not know

Can you not hear the horses drawing near?
Can you not hear the trumpet's call?
My little children, my precious bride 
Do you not know? 
You are loved by the king of all Kings.

Do you not know? 
That I died in your place.

Do you not know? 
That I live in you.
Do you not see the beauty around?
Do you not see the joy I bring?

Do you not see the people who care?
Do you not see my life laid down?
Can you not hear the words I say?
Can you not hear the spirit calling?

My chosen race my precious ones.

Get ready now. 
For I am coming soon.


Breathe life into me Lord this year. Fill me with your steadfast love and ever lasting kindness.

Let my life focus on the awesome works you have done in my life and troughout the world this eventful year

Let me live to love others and serve you with all that I am 

Daily I will surrender my life and trust you with all of my heart 

I will not lean on my own understanding but allow you to have your way in my life and in the lives of the ones that I love 

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